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Sheer Curtain with Pleat Band - Off White

Sheer Curtain with Pleat Band - Off White

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Upgrade your interior with our high-quality BIBIANA sheer curtain with lead cord at the bottom. Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any room, these transparent curtains allow a beautiful play of natural light. Discover our versatile designs made for timeless style.

Discover the perfect balance between refinement and functionality with our high-quality sheer curtains.

Privacy without compromise

Easy to maintain and available in various sizes, our sheer curtains offer privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Lead cord ensures perfect draping

Our sheers are equipped with a lead cord at the bottom, adding a subtle yet effective feature to your window decoration. The curtains maintain a perfect drape and form and always look well-maintained. Even in light air currents, the lead cord provides stability and keeps the bottom of the curtains in place, ensuring a constant and neat appearance.

Enhanced light regulation

With the weight at the bottom, the BIBIANA sheer curtains improve light regulation, allowing them to hang smoothly and evenly for optimal diffusion of natural light.

Durability and long-term use

In addition to aesthetic benefits, the lead cord also extends the life of the sheer curtains by ensuring durability and resistance to wear.

Size advice

For a beautifully pleated effect, we recommend using at least twice the width in sheer fabric.

Easy installation

The lead cord simplifies installation, allowing the curtains to be easily hung and adjusted for a perfect fit.

Experience the benefits of a well-thought-out design that is both visually appealing and functional. Discover the timeless beauty of sheers with lead cord today!

Color: white
100% Polyester
A+++, luxurious quality
Including pleat band on top and a leadband on the bottom
Wash instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees, not in the dryer, iron low


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