Bibiana is our collection of sheer curtains. Available with TopTape (pleat band) and Eyelets (Rings) and in different sizes.

The care instructions are as follows:

Wash on a regular basis. The dirt collected by time can be permanently discolor them. Clean gently, it's a nice but fragile fabric. Let them soak in cold water for 5 minutes and fill the washing machine for no more then a quarter. Use mild - liquid - detergent. Use a short 30 degrees program , like for example a wool program.

Centrifuge at for 2,3 minutes at max 800 RPM.

If to be tumble dried, put in a terry cloth towel as well for also 2,3 minutes.
Rehang while still slightly damp, and pull into shape. If necessary, move an ironing board next to the window and iron the hems while the curtains or draperies are hanging.

You can also use a handheld steamer or the vertical steam setting of a regular steam iron to smooth the sheer curtains.

Good luck and enjoy.