About us

We (Marion and Roy) are committed to design, develop and source products for the bed- and bathroom from the perspective of our customers. 

Our focus is on: 

  • ecological & social responsibility
  • comfort and functionality 
  • durability and quality
  • timeless appeal

and we believe in products that are made in a way we live in, today and tomorrow.

Fair pricing
We are a pure online company and directly order - in close cooperation - from factories which are mainly located in Portugal, Turkey and Italy. Without the traditional markups of the usual brands selling their goods via middlemen we are able to offer a lower and more honest cost price. At the same time we do invest in quality and don’t cut corners here. We also believe in long-term relationships with our suppliers and do not ‘shop around’ to get the extra cent of the purchase price.

This all means we cannot afford to offer deep discounts to get rid of overstock, as we do not produce too many of them before we know how much you like them. 

Our collections

MAROY Gallery

The main collection, featuring finely crafted signature pieces. With two collections each year these items reflect the latest trends and techniques.


This collection is based on working together with people we respect and who support our brand values. Here we closely work together with the person in terms of design and development. Usually these items are manufactured only once and are therefore limited available.

MAROY All year

All year is a collection with classics made to be in your bed or bathroom all year. Timeless by design.