Mattress Protector

Thank you for choosing a mattress protector from our product range. We wish you a good night's sleep and hope you like our product!

Sleep is essential to every process in the body, affecting our physical and mental functioning the following day, our ability to fight disease and build immunity, and our metabolism and risk of chronic disease. A good choice of products in and around the bed is therefore also essential.

At MAROYATHOME we have taken the time to select the best supplier for our sleeping products and found him in the Porto area, in the north of Portugal:

A family business with more than 30 years of experience in textiles that manufactures mattress protectors exclusively for MAROYATHOME.
People with a lot of expertise and love for the products they make.

To enjoy your quality product for a long time, please follow the CARE INSTRUCTIONS as indicated on the care label.
Before using the mattress protector, we recommend that you wash it. 
Do not use fabric softener and preferably liquid detergent.
We advise not to mix colors to prevent discoloration.

For your convenience we have placed our logo on the 'long' side - the length of the mattress protector. It makes it easier for you to put it correctly on your bed, especially for the larger sizes. 

We will continue our cooperation and develop more products for your bedroom. So come back soon and check our webpage for news.